Here are the SEO and other online business resources I recommend to my Dietitian SEO clients and anyone wanting to improve their SEO and make money as a blogger. Many of these are specifically designed with Dietitians in mind!

Whether you’re looking for affordable information on specific SEO subtopics or want an all-in-one course, there’s something here for you!

These are a combination of SEO products I’ve created, and ones I’ve used myself. Most of them are for educating you on SEO, but I’ve also included a list of freelance writers in case you don’t have the time to do it all yourself!

This article contains affiliate links which means I may earn a commission if you purchase through my link.

Get People to Your Website Using SEO:

Ebooks & Tools on Specific SEO Topics:

SEO Courses & Ebooks, by Debbie Gartner

Debbie is a well known SEO guru who gets hundreds of thousands of pageviews to her blog each month from SEO!

Check out her course options here:

Free SEO Course

On-Page SEO Ebook: This is a great ebook for beginners that talks about what exactly to do to each blog post to get it to rank in Google!

Easy Backlinks for SEO Ebook: This is an intermediate level ebook going in depth about many different strategies to build backlinks to your website. This is the most comprehensive resource about backlinks that I’ve seen!

Easy SEO Revamp: My favorite one is called Easy SEO Revamp about how to improve your rankings on existing blog posts and find new keyword ideas using Google search console! It’s super unique and I highly recommend it for intermediate to advanced people! (Use BLACKFRIDAY30 for $30 off)

Or save some money by getting the bundle which includes all 3 of the above ebooks. (Get $40 off the normal price with coupon code BLACKFRIDAY20)

Free SEO for Dietitians 101 Ebook, by Bri Bell, RD

A free ebook with beginner-level info on what SEO is, how it works, and some common terms you’ll come across in the SEO world.

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Blog Post SEO Checklist, by Bri Bell, RD

This beginner/intermediate blog post checklist helps you to quickly make sure you’re doing SEO best practices in each blog post.

Getting Backlinks as a Dietitian Ebook, by Bri Bell, RD

This ebook about how Dietitians can easily get backlinks is an intermediate/advanced level how-to on one of the most powerful but overlooked aspects of SEO. Backlinks are (almost 100%) necessary for showing up in search results)

SEO site audit printable checklist, by Bri Bell, RD

This site audit checklist is an intermediate/advanced tool to see where you’re doing well and where you may need to improve your website in terms of SEO.)

These 3 SEO ebooks are part of the BF sale on RD2RD – no coupon code needed!

You’ll get 20% off ALL items. Save 35% if you purchase 3 or more items and spend $50+. Available Tuesday 11/23 – Tuesday 11/30

Get Your Keywords Together, by Trinity Owen

I also enjoyed Get Your Keywords Together which helps you find keywords using just free tools so great for a beginner or someone on a lower budget!

She also has some free SEO Resources you might like:

Free SEO Guide
Free 6-Day SEO Bootcamp
Free 38-Item SEO Checklist

All-in-one SEO courses:

SEO Made Simple, by Erica Julson, RDN

I’ve taken and highly recommend Erica’s SEO course which is an excellent all-in-one course! It’s continually updated for the most recent best practices!

This is an excellent course for beginners to intermediates, and even advanced SEOs can learn from the comprehensive info in this course! Read my review of her SEO course for more info or if you’re just curious!

It is a higher ticket course, but there is a payment plan available.


Get a FREE SEO audit from me ($300 value) if you use code SEOFORDIETITIANS when you purchase SEO Made Simple!

To get the bonus, simply CLICK HERE which will take you to the waitlist page where you’ll sign up to watch the FREE SEO Master Class and get access to purchase the course.

Remember to use code SEOFORDIETITIANS at checkout, then email your purchase receipt to me at [email protected] and I’ll send your bonus to you shortly!

Disclaimer: this is my affiliate link which means I may earn a commission if you purchase through my link, at no cost to you.

Stupid Simple SEO, by Mike Pearson

I’ve also heard great things about Stupid Simple SEO but haven’t personally taken it. It’s all-in-one and takes a more analytical approach to finding keywords that’s different from other people’s approaches I’ve seen.

Maybe better for applying to your own website than to one-off articles you write as a freelance writer though because he batches keywords!

SEO Writing Help:

The RD Blog Club, by Holly Larson, MS, RD

This monthly membership gives group accountability and education on writing SEO optimized blog posts. I LOVE this idea!

Check out the details here (scroll down until you see the RD Blog Club) and let Holly know Bri sent you!

Dietitian Freelance Writers:

Holly Larson, MS, RD

Check out her rates here and let her know I (Bri Bell) sent you!

Get Ads to Monetize Your Blog Traffic:

Ezoic Ad Network

Ezoic is a company that pays you to put ads on your site. I earn an average of $17 per 1000 visitors (with a high of over $36 during the peak season!)

And don’t worry about spammy ads – you have full control over how many ads you want to show and exactly where you want them. You can also select what kind of ads show or not based on category.

Ezoic is available for all levels of traffic so you don’t have to wait until you get a certain number of page views/sessions to start earning money, unlike other ad companies (but I do recommend waiting until you have at least some regular recurring traffic so you’ll actually earn something!)

Sell Products to Monetize Your Blog Traffic:


Sendowl is an intermediate level company that has options to create upsells, bundle your products, and make your own affiliate program.

I’m on the mid-priced plan which offers all the features I need for my business at it’s current level.


Payhip is a beginner friendly company that allows you to start selling products and only pay a small fee from each sale (about 5% I think).

This is huge because you won’t be out any money upfront and can easily test out the viability of your product before paying!

There are options to pay a monthly fee that works out to less per sale once you start selling past certain levels.


RD2RD is a Dietitian-owned & operated site similar to Payhip in that it’s free to set up a shop and you’ll only pay when you make a sale.

One benefit to RD2RD is that it’s a marketplace so people are going there to shop. Because of this, they might discover your product or have it recommended to them so it’s an easy way to get in front of more people!

It’s also good to sell digital products that aren’t the right fit for your audience but other RDs could use them.

For example, you can list B2B products or power point presentations from internship and sell them to other RDs who don’t want to create their own!

The downside is that the fee is very high at 35%.

There is the option to become a member for an annual fee and their commission rate goes down to 20%. This option is the best choice once you’re earning at least $300-$400/year so you’ll have to do the calculation to find out whether it’s worth it to you.

You also don’t have access to stats about who is buying and can’t easily get buyers on your email list which makes it impossible to offer them other products you create in the future.

You also aren’t able to control the sales process such as offering your other related products at checkout or creating sales, etc.

Because of the high fee and lack of control, I recommend using RD2RD as a secondary place to list your products in addition to one of the above options.

Use Affiliate Links to Monetize Your Blog Traffic:

Awin Affiliate Network

Awin is an awesome affiliate network where you can work with lots of different brands but get paid all in the same place!

The commissions vary depending on which brands you work with – usually about 5%. There is a $5 sign-up fee, but you get it back once you are approved.

RewardStyle/Like To Know It Affiliate Network

RewardStyle is a high quality affiliate network that works with a bunch of popular brands in the nutrition, health, wellness, beauty & fashion niches, many of which pay high commission rates.

They’re looking for creators who have:

  • Clean editorial design
  • At least 4 months of consistent, quality, and original content
  • An engaged and growing audience

You can get a $25 sign up bonus if I refer you so send me an email at [email protected] with the subject line “RewardStyle Referral Request” and I’ll connect you!

Online Business Resources

BigScoots Website Hosting

Bigscoots is an awesome website hosting company that I can fully recommend! I’ve been with them since 2020 and haven’t had a single issue so far. Their support is excellent and have always helped me with any questions I have.

They’re not the cheapest hosting company, but not the most expensive either. You’re paying for quality so in my opinion it’s worth a bit extra to not have the headache of an unreliable or slow website host.

The best part is that they will move your site over and make sure it’s set up properly for no extra charge!


MailerLite is an awesome email service provider that I’ve been using for several years now.

You may not hear about them a lot but that’s because they offer a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers with WAY more features than the free plans from MailChimp or Convertkit. For instance, you can do full email automations which is huge!

So you can start doing things right from the beginning without paying while your list is small, then once your list grows, there’s no need to switch providers because they have all the features and integrate easily with other programs!

Their interface is very user friendly so I highly recommend them!

If you found these resources helpful, feel free to share this page with a fellow RD who could also benefit!