Erica Julson SEO made simple course review

If you run an online business, you’ve probably heard of SEO by now. If not, SEO simply stands for “Search Engine Optimization”, aka optimizing your website to be found in Google searches.

Doing SEO well will help you bring in thousands of people to your site every month for free!

While SEO isn’t particularly hard, there are a lot of parts to it that all need to work together.

It is really overwhelming to piece it all together from the free information available online.

Taking a course is your best bet to get a strong foundational understanding and help design a strategy for your own website!

That’s why I took Erica Julson’s SEO course, SEO Made Simple!

Erica Julson is a Registered Dietitian who is making a full time income online!

She runs a membership site for functional nutrition practitioners, has an awesome Facebook group for unconventional RDs, a podcast for dietitians who run online businesses, AND has courses geared towards dietitians on:

This review and case study is only about the Erica’s SEO course, SEO Made Simple.

Erica Julson SEO Course Objectives

My traffic literally exploded after taking her SEO course so I wanted to share my results with you in this review & case study.

graph showing traffic increase after SEO Made Simple Course
This is my traffic before and after taking Erica’s SEO course!

A bit about me:

I’m a Registered Dietitian and blogger at Frugal Minimalist Kitchen.

I’ve been doing SEO for over 3 years on my own site and a niche fitness site. I also do SEO site audits for RDs.

With my SEO knowledge, Erica was happy to have me as a CDR reviewer for her SEO Made Simple course, which was approved for 24 CEUs!


Because I reviewed her SEO course, I received access to it for free and it’s only appropriate I disclose that to you.

That being said, this review you’re currently reading is voluntary and completely separate from the CDR process. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

If you purchase her course through my link, I will earn a commission for referring you, at no extra cost to you.


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Erica Julson SEO Course Objectives

My Results – A Case Study

Going into this course, I already had a solid SEO strategy for my site. I wasn’t starting from scratch by any means! I was able to use the solid base of articles I had written to accelerate the growth.

Up until when I started the course, I had been mostly focused on clients’ sites and only publishing here and there on my own site.

My traffic was ok. It was steady and I was ranking on the first page of Google for many keywords, but I didn’t have enough traffic to get ads on my site yet.

I finished the course in April 2020 and started seeing my traffic go up almost immediately! You can see my traffic trend in the image below.

graph showing traffic increase after SEO Made Simple Course
My traffic picked up around the end of April

What made my traffic go up so dramatically?

I used the keyword research method Erica teaches in her course to come up with some new topic ideas that help my audience.

The way I was doing keyword research before was simply thinking of an idea and then looking for keywords to fit with it.

While it was working to a degree, I was limited to how my brain thinks. Not everyone thinks like me so I was missing out on all those people’s searches!

With the keyword research method Erica teaches, you can see so many more keyword variations that you can choose from to make sure you target the best one!

My pageviews almost tripled!

Graph showing 300% traffic increase Erica's SEO Course

You can see my traffic nearly tripled from mid April to mid July as compared to the previous period!

Notice the fairly steady traffic over time rather than huge spikes and valleys. This is the difference between SEO traffic compared to social media traffic.

Social Media vs SEO Traffic

People are Googling their questions every day, so if you’re on the top page of search results, you can expect to have a pretty steady stream of people coming to your site!

With social media on the other hand, you may see a brief spike when you post something new, which will quickly flatline again within a few hours to a few days.

You might get the odd viral post which can bring in traffic for a few weeks to months (if you’re really lucky!), but the downside is that you have virtually no control over whether something goes viral or not.

Personally, I’d rather have that steady stream of reliable traffic with no additional work, than to have to continually feed the social media fire to get traffic and leads to your site.

Obviously social media still has an important place in online strategies, but as a source of traffic, it’s really not the best.

What about the traffic effects of the lockdowns?

We’re all research minded folk, so I’d be remiss to not mention the potential confounding effects of the pandemic and lockdowns.

The spike in my traffic does correlate somewhat with the timing of a lot of lockdowns across North America. With people being home more often, more people were online so a lot of website creators saw huge increases in traffic.

While this might have had some effect on my traffic, I’m confident my traffic increase is related to the new articles I wrote using the keywords I brainstormed while taking Erica’s course.

Here are some reasons why I know it’s not just temporary lockdown traffic:

  • most of the traffic increase is from the articles I wrote using Erica’s keyword research method. If the traffic was only from more people being online, I would have expected to see traffic from all articles go up dramatically as well
  • these articles started ranking on the first page of Google (for multiple keywords) and bringing it a lot of traffic within a few weeks of being published
  • the traffic is still holding strong despite cities reopening in most places

New keyword research strategy

Even as an SEO expert, I have things to learn.

One major takeaway from Erica’s SEO course for me was her approach to keyword research as I mentioned earlier.

There were several factors that I changed about what I had been doing before:

  1. Brainstorm keywords in a different way
  2. Go for more competitive keywords
  3. Go for higher volume keywords

To put it simply, I realized I had been playing small in my keyword research strategy!

Erica’s course gave me the confidence/reality check that I needed to step it up!

While going for lower competition and volume keywords was working for me in some ways (such as ranking on page one for my target keywords), it wasn’t helping me grow my traffic by much because I simply wasn’t ranking for many keywords that were searched a lot.

When I first started, I wanted to write about things that I would be able to rank for right away with a new blog.

While that is a great strategy for beginners, the main problem for me was I hadn’t adjusted my strategy as my site grew! #wakeupcall!

If you’re ready to get Erica’s SEO course, click here to sign up for the waitlist and be notified as soon as it’s available!

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Get a FREE SEO audit from me ($300 value) if you use my referral link to buy SEO Made Simple!

To get the bonus, simply click my referral link which will take you to the waitlist page where you’ll sign up to watch the FREE SEO Master Class and get access to purchase the course.

Then email your purchase receipt to me at [email protected] and I’ll send your bonus to you shortly!

Highlights of Erica’s SEO course:

I’ve taken quite a few SEO courses and trainings, but this was by far my favorite! I loved this course and felt motivated to focus on and improve my blog after each module.

Here are some of the best aspects from Erica’s SEO course.

  • Comprehensive course that provides ALL the info you need to succeed in SEO
  • Get any questions answered in the private Facebook group
  • Covers all aspects of SEO in depth (not just keyword research or on-page SEO like other courses)
  • Takes you step-by-step from beginner to intermediate SEO skills
  • Examples are specific to online nutrition businesses/blogs which makes it so much easier to comprehend
  • Course is mostly in video with written transcripts if you prefer to read (I do recommend watching the videos though as some things are visual)
  • Handy tech features like searchable videos, speed adjustments, and saving your progress where you left off
  • Holds your hand through the scary tech stuff
  • Action-oriented “homework” to implement after each section of the course

Room for Improvement:

While there was absolutely nothing major missing from the course, here are a few points that could be improved in my opinion.

  • I felt the backlink section could have had more detail, examples, and how-to. While it had more than enough info for a beginner to get started, I did wish there was a bit more depth to this section for myself going through the course as an expert.
    Erica totally revamped this section and added so much more to it! I’m totally satisfied now!
  • A few of the videos combined how-to tech for different platforms into one longer video. I would have found it more helpful to have each platform split into a separate video, or at least have the timestamps listed to see where each section started and ended
  • There are not a lot of tips for free keyword research, so you’ll likely need to spend some additional money on a keyword research tool in order to follow her method, however the main tool she recommends is pretty affordable at under $15/month.

Is Erica’s SEO Made Simple Course worth the money?

Truly only you can answer that for yourself. It totally depends on so many factors, but overall, I would say a resounding…


The course is an investment in your business. If you take the course and implement what you’ve learned, there is no doubt in my mind that your business will take off!

Erica Julson SEO Course Objectives
If these things are important to you, then Erica’s SEO course is worth it!

This course paid for itself

My increase in traffic after implementing the course allowed me to qualify for ads on my site. (I use the ad network, Ezoic, which accepts websites starting at 10K monthly pageviews)

I have earned enough to cover the cost of the course in less than 6 months with just ad revenue alone.

In other words, the course paid for itself within 6 months! You could sign up using the 6 month payment plan to make it super easy to manage!

If you’re still not sure if it’s right for you, I’ve listed some scenarios to help you decide below.

Erica’s SEO Made Simple course is for you if:

  • you’ve heard SEO is important but aren’t sure where to start. This course will take you step-by-step (even through confusing tech stuff!)
  • you want to get more people coming to your site while spending less time on social media
  • you want consistent traffic that converts to paying clients
  • you want to apply SEO to your site so you can free up time in your business
  • you have several hours per week to commit to taking the course and implementing the suggestions

It’s not for you if:

  • you are looking for instant results. SEO only works when implemented repeatedly over time. Anyone who promises otherwise isn’t being truthful.
  • you are absolutely strapped for time and can’t find a way to make time to work through the course. You’ll only see results if you implement what you learn.
  • you are completely strapped for cash. I don’t recommend going into debt for a course you aren’t able to afford. Cut back your expenses where possible, save up, then buy it. There’s also a payment plan available which works out to the same price as paying in full so that’s quite accessible!
  • you’re already an SEO expert. This course is geared towards beginner to intermediate SEOs
  • you don’t even have a website yet. Take Erica’s free course on how to set up a website first. While technically you could take it before starting a website, I think it’s much better to learn on a “just in time” rather than a “just in case” basis.

FAQ About SEO Made Simple:

Read some common frequently asked questions about Erica’s SEO course:

How much does it cost?

Click here to sign up to the waitlist where you’ll get the most current pricing info.

Is there a payment plan?

There is a payment plan available to spread the payments out over 6 months. The total price works out the same as paying in full so that’s quite accessible!

Can I outsource SEO or this course?

Some parts, such as the technical site audit, could be easily outsourced, while other parts cannot.

SEO affects almost everything you do on your site so you’d have to outsource pretty much everything from site setup to keyword research to writing to getting media quotes.

I think it’s really important to have a solid understanding of SEO for any website owner whether you’re DIY or are hiring out. There are a lot of people/companies willing to charge for bogus SEO work that won’t even help your business (and may even hurt it). If you know the fundamentals of SEO you can at least assess whether the SEO company you’re hiring does good work or not!

Do I need to have a website?

I think it’s much better to learn on a “just in time” rather than a “just in case” basis.

Technically you could take the SEO course before starting a website but I recommend you take Erica’s free course on how to set up a website first. Check it out here.

I don’t use WordPress, is it still worth it?

Erica goes over detailed instructions for how to implement SEO in WordPress, Wix, and SquareSpace in the course, however, some things are only possible with WordPress, which is why it’s the most widely used blogging platform.

If you use another blog platform other than what’s listed above, you’ll probably need to switch to get the full value from this course.

How many CEUs is Erica’s SEO course worth?

Erica had her course approved for 24 self-study CEUs. I was actually one of the professional CEU reviewers!

Is the information actionable or more theoretical?

Erica does an excellent job of explaining the theory behind each aspect of SEO while also giving highly actionable steps for each lesson.

How can I save money on this course?

Paying in full will save you a couple dollars over paying in instalments.

You could also sign up to the affiliate program and earn a commission if someone buys through your link.

What other SEO/blogging resources do you recommend?

If you’re a DIY type, or just looking for help on a specific topic, check out my recommended SEO resources!

I hope you found this case study and review of Erica’s course helpful!

Don’t forget about the free bonus!

Get a FREE SEO audit from me ($300 value) if you use my referral link to buy SEO Made Simple!

To get the bonus, simply click my referral link which will take you to the waitlist page where you’ll sign up to watch the FREE SEO Master Class and get access to purchase the course.

Then email your purchase receipt to me at [email protected] and I’ll send your bonus to you shortly!

SEO Made Simple


Overall value for money



  • comprehensive & in-depth
  • step-by-step & actionable
  • beginner to intermediate friendly
  • nutrition specific examples
  • makes tech stuff easy


  • need to spend additional $ on keyword research tool
  • videos not fully optimized for different users
  • backlink section could be more thorough

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