Let’s be honest, job hunting is probably one of the most confusing, overwhelming, stressful, and exhausting things you could do. But it’s also necessary if you’re looking to get hired!

That’s why I created this collection of Dietitian resumes and cover letters!

This is honestly priceless information that is going to help you so, so much! I searched the internet for something like this so many times, and could not find it.

The few Registered Dietitian resumes and cover letters that I did find online were so generic you could tell they were just an example rather than ones that had actually been used by a real person. It’s so important to see resumes that have actually done their job of getting the interview!

The collection of Dietitian cover letters and resumes includes all the jobs that I applied for and got an interview, not just the ones I worked.

Since the job of the resume is to get the interview, you can be confident that these resumes work!

Seeing all my resumes together will give you a great picture of how to present skills and experiences differently depending on what type of job you’re applying for.

You’ll even see how I addressed the gap in my resume from travelling between jobs!

I know seeing examples of Dietitian resumes and cover letters used in real life will help take away some of the stress and uncertainty of the job application process for you!

I included the job posting, cover letter and resume for each job application (wherever possible). You can see how I tailored each application to the skills listed in the job posting.

You can also compare my resume between different types of jobs. I obviously have the same experience, but highlighted different skills, roles, accomplishments, and demographics to match the job I was applying for.

The resumes and cover letters are grouped by type of job. So say you’re applying to a position for an entry level supermarket Dietitian. Just refer to the section with supermarket Dietitian resume examples!

Use this collection of my resumes and cover letters as a reference to optimize your own unique job applications!

What’s included in the Dietitian Resumes & Cover Letter Examples Collection:

Community Dietitian Resumes

  • Nutrition Programmer, After School Nutrition/Cooking Program
  • Community Health Worker, Food Security & Community Development at Community Health Centre
  • Food Bank Coordinator at Non-For-Profit
  • Dietitian, Diabetes Outpatient at Community Health Centre
  • Public Health Nutritionist for Local Health Region

Supermarket Dietitian Resumes

  • Supermarket RD, National Supermarket Chain
  • Grocery Store Dietitian, National Supermarket Chain
  • Registered Dietitian, National Pharmacy Chain

Media Dietitian Resumes

  • Manager/Social Media Associate, Dietitian Social Media Company
  • Virtual Assistant, Breast Cancer Blogger/Business Owner
  • Dietitian Blog Author & Editor Positions, Plant-Based Blog
  • Dietitian Writer for Today’s Dietitian Publication

Clinical Dietitian Resume

  • Clinical Dietitian, Hospital Inpatient

Food Service Dietitian Resumes

  • Food Safety Coordinator, Local Organic Food Box Organization
  • Dining Supervisor at Private Retirement Home
  • Food Services Supervisor, Long Term Care Home

A bit about me:

Bri Bell Headshot

Hey, I’m Bri! I graduated with a BSc in Nutrition in 2013. I’ve worked in various settings since then, including in foodservice, non-profit, community, private practice, and as a media dietitian!

There are tons of ways to make money as a dietitian! If you love a traditional job in clinical, food service or community nutrition, then awesome! Keep reading to see lots of examples of applications to traditional RD jobs. I’ve included job application examples for some less traditional RD jobs as well!

For example, now I help Dietitians get found in Google!

I know there can be a lot of competition within the field and many RDs simply aren’t willing to share their resumes for fear of it harming their chances of getting the job.

I truly believe in collaboration over competition and that “a rising tide lifts all boats”. That’s why I compiled all these job applications for you!

Best wishes for finding your dream job, and good luck in your job hunt!

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